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Enhance communications, and boost productivity at the office, in your home or on the road.

With NEWT Cloud, employees can work from anywhere. Eliminate office boundaries by empowering employees to stay connected with a virtual office phone system for your business. Setup is easy and fast.

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Why our Customers choose NEWT Cloud

Benefit from enterprise-grade business communications

NEWT Cloud is a Cloud IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) managed by NEWT. Rather than a physical piece of hardware that resides on-site, NEWT Cloud is a virtual phone system that lives in the secure cloud. Get enterprise-grade features and scalability without compromising on reliability.

Employees can choose which devices they want to use, use their personal devices, and seamlessly switch between them. NEWT Cloud gives employers the ability to deploy and manage a remote or hybrid workforce. Employees can choose their own experience and work the way that’s best for them.

Over 80,000 business extensions servicing many industries over a network facilitating millions of customers and DIDs servicing over a billion minutes of talk time monthly.

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NEWT Cloud enables both employers and employees to embrace flexible hybrid work environments.

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